Microsoft Increases Certification Testing Prices

Looking to get certified this year? Well, now's the time. Starting July 1, 2011, Microsoft is raising the price of certifications.

There's a pricing calculator on Microsoft's site that can tell you exactly how much the prices are going up. For a certification for a non-student in the US, for instance, the price is increasing from $125 to $150. After checking several countries, it looks like the price increase is, on average, 20-30 percent across the board.

Microsoft is also promising new improvements to certification testing as part of the price increase.

"The new fee structure enables Microsoft to improve the Microsoft Certification program. Examples of proposed improvements include new Microsoft Certifications, new question types, frequent updates to certification exams, improved exam security, and driving adoption of Microsoft Certification by accrediting bodies across the world," reads one response from the certification pricing FAQ.

Are certifications worth the time and cost? Send me an email or comment and let me know.

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