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Microsoft to Implement Antitrust Concessions

Sunday night, Microsoft issued a media advisory that it would announce a plan to implement some parts of its proposed settlement with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) while a federal judge considers whether to accept the agreement. Microsoft's announcement will occur late Monday morning, the company says.

"Although the proposed settlement has not been entered by the District Court, Microsoft has agreed to implement certain provisions of the settlement agreement while the court process is pending," the company wrote in a statement. "\[Microsoft\] will highlight these efforts and August milestones, and discuss next steps in the consent decree process \[Monday morning\]."

The decision to implement part of its proposed settlement without a judicial order is somewhat controversial. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly is currently reviewing both the Microsoft/DOJ agreement and a more stringent set of remedy proposals recommended by the nine so-called nonsettling states; she is expected to render a decision soon. Microsoft, as I'm sure you'll recall, was found guilty of violating various US antitrust laws, in which the company harmed consumers, competitors, and even its own partners.

I'll have more information about Microsoft's antitrust concessions as soon as the announcement is available.

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