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Microsoft IIS 3.0 to debut

Microsoft announced Tuesday that Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0 will ship this week. The upgrade, to be included in pressings of the NT Server 4.0 CD-ROM, and available as a free download from the Microsoft Web site, will include the following components: . Active Server Pages, which let developers combine HTML, scripting, and components on the server. Other parts of Active Server include Transaction Server, which Microsoft will deliver in January, and its message queue technology, code-named Falcon, which is scheduled to ship in mid-1997. . NetShow, Microsoft's media streaming technology. . Seagate Software's Crystal Reports 4.5 for managing the logs of multiple Web servers. . Microsoft's Index Server 1.1. . Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine. . FrontPage Server Extensions for one-button Web publishing. . Secure Sockets Layer Version 3.0

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