Microsoft Fan Urges Release of Windows 7

Although many are speculating Microsoft will release Windows 7 in the late 2009 or early 2010 timeframe (our own Paul Thurrott suggests a Win7 release in mid-2009 is more accurate), that hasn't stopped avid Microsoft fans from encouraging the software giant to release it earlier.

Such is the case with Kelly Poe, a self-described "BIG Windows™ fan" who has launched a website called ReleaseWindows7 (and related Twitter feed and Facebook group) that encourages site visitors to "join together and get Microsoft™ to release Windows 7™...enough with this Beta stuff...release it already!!! Let the beautiful little birdy (with the odd name) fly!!!"

Poe launched the site in late January, and his petition has already attracted more than 2700 votes.

In an industry roundtable held earlier this morning at the User Generated Content Conference & Expo (UGCX) in San Jose, Marty Taylor Collins, Microsoft's group marketing manager for digital marketing, mentioned that Microsoft recently reached out to Poe after the creation of his site, and will likely interview Poe in an upcoming Microsoft blog post on the topic.

When it comes to an official release date, a Microsoft spokesperson I contacted last week stated that "the official word is that we are currently in the development stage for Windows 7 and expect it will take approximately 3 years from Windows Vista Consumer GA to develop," she said. "The specific release date will be determined once the company meets its quality bar for release."

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