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Microsoft, AOL Come to Filing Agreement

Microsoft and AOL Time Warner reached an agreement this week to end their spat over AOL's overdue document filings relating to the Microsoft antitrust case. (Microsoft is preparing to defend itself in the case's upcoming remedial phase and argued that AOL hadn't submitted information in a timely fashion, narrowing the amount of time Microsoft had to prepare. Last Thursday, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly refused to intervene and ordered the two companies to work out the problem.) In a sparsely worded, one-paragraph court filing, Microsoft agreed to withdraw its motion requesting that Kollar-Kotelly force AOL to comply with an earlier court order that AOL turn over any related paperwork in the case. Microsoft simply noted that the matter had been resolved.

Yesterday's court filing doesn't disclose why Microsoft chose to withdraw its complaint, but the matter appears to be closed for now. In 30 days, Kollar-Kotelly will decide whether to approve or reject the proposed Microsoft and US Department of Justice (DOJ) settlement, and then Microsoft's remedial phase will begin in early March. In that phase, the judge will examine the tougher sanctions requested by the nine US states that refused to sign off on the DOJ settlement.

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