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Microsoft Announces Prometric as Sole Certification Exam Delivery Provider, Drops Pearson VUE

by Michael Dragone

I feel completely out of touch with the industry. My husband and I took the last 10 days for a road trip from Seattle to Denver for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference this week. It was great to get away, but there's so much to do now that I'm back at work.

Thank goodness for people like Michael Dragone! He's been keeping an eye on the developments in the Microsoft training arena and sent his comments. Here's Mike's take on the situation. What do you all think?

Late Friday word began to spread around the blogosphere that Microsoft, having long offered its developer and IT professional certification exams through testing providers Thompson Prometric and Pearson VUE, would be discontinuing their relationship with VUE and only offering exams through Prometric going forward.

The community response, as evident here on Trika Harms zum Spreckel’s blog where many people first read this news and elsewhere, is less than positive. Even a cursory glance at the blog post comments shows that most members of the Microsoft Certification community have had a better testing experience, both from a customer service and test center location standpoint, with VUE.

You can read the official announcement here .

How will this change impact your current and future certification plans?


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