Maxtor Teams with Adaptec For Ultra320 SCSI Device

The Ultra320 SCSI standard has another supporter in Maxtor, which plans to work with Adaptec to release Maxtor's Atlas 10K III SCSI hard disk drives. The drives will take advantage of Adaptec's Ultra320 SCSI and RAID controllers.

Ultra320 supports transfer speeds of as much as 320MB, which is double the speed of Ultra160, and Ultra320 offers backward compatibility for older SCSI devices. Maxtor will offer the new drives initially in 18GB, 36GB, and 73GB. The disk drives have an average seek time of 4.5ms and an 18GB-per-platter density. Adaptec's Ultra320 offering is the AIC-7902, a dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI ASIC with integrated support for hardware mirroring. The products will be available by the end of the year.

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