Lansweeper 3.1 Freeware Network Inventory Tool Released

Geert Moernaut announced the release of Lansweeper 3.1, his freeware network inventory tool. Lansweeper is an agentless and automatic tool that that uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), fileshares, and remote registry access to scan an entire Windows network, inventory the hardware and software assets, and store the results in Microsoft SQL Server. According to Geert, Lansweeper includes many features not found on many commercial products, including

  • local administrator information
  • outdated client software detection
  • outdated and disabled anti-virus detection
  • historical log-on information
  • software licensing tracking
Lansweeper 3.1's new features include an automatic installer, intuitive Web interface, and asset-tag vendor integration.

Geert offers a premium-user package for €99 or approximately $154.00, which he uses to offer his support service and future development. The premium pack includes access to the support forum, product versions, and the premium-user pack of extra administrator tools, which includes

  • Lansweeper Report Explorer—To filter, sort, and export Lansweeper reports
  • Remote Control—For workstation remote control (currently in beta)
  • Lstrigger—To force or trigger a remote workstation scan from the command line
Geert also offers another IT freeware product named RunScanner, which scans systems for configured running programs and can be used to detect autostart applications, spyware, adware, homepage hijackers and unverified drivers. It also can kill processes, fix invalid entries, verify file signatures, and export its scan results to a text file for future review or sharing for IT help.
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