JSI Tip 9780. SyncToy for Windows XP, the smart way to copy files.

SyncToy from the Microsoft Download Center, is a customizable application the helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers.

The SyncToy help file contains:

SyncToy Overview

SyncToy can help you synchronize, copy, backup and maintain folders of files on your computers.

What Does SyncToy Do?

SyncToy synchronizes the files in folders of your choosing. It does so by copying, renaming, and deleting files.

What's So Special About SyncToy?

There are many ways to copy files in a Windows® environment. However, SyncToy is faster, easier to configure, more transparent, and easier to repeat than:
  • Using Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer,
  • Using Copy or XCopy from the command line,
  • Building batch files and/or scripts to automate file copy operations,
  • Using offline folders, or
  • Using Windows Briefcase.

How Does SyncToy Deliver These Benefits?

SyncToy helps you save time, minimize network usage, and save disk space by only copying when necessary.

The simple, fast, and familiar Windows interface lets you point and click to define your folders and the SyncToy >actions you want performed on each folder pair. You choose the appropriate action when you create a folder pair, and the action determines how SyncToy handles file conflicts such as:

  • Files that have been renamed in both folders,
  • Files deleted from one folder and renamed in the other,
  • Files renamed in one folder and modified in the other, and 
  • Many other file conflict situations.

SyncToy enables you to save how you want your folder pairs synced so you can sync again and again with a single click of a button.

SyncToy lets you sync a single pair of folders or all of your folder pairs with a single click. You can even set up SyncToy to run unattended .

The powerful preview feature in SyncToy shows you exactly what is going to happen before any files are touched. Preview even gives you a chance to unselect any proposed actions before you start.

See also:

Getting Started

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