JSI Tip 9712. How does the Windows Time service guarantee common time usage in your domain?

The Windows Time service, W32Time, insures that all computers in your domain, that are running Windows 2000 or later, use a common time.

To guarantee this behavior, W32Time uses a hierarchical approach:

- All client computers and member servers nominate the authenticating domain controller as their in-bound time partner.

- All of your domain's domain controllers nominate the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) operations master as their authoritative time sever.

- All PDC operations masters follow the hierarchy of domains, up to the PDC operations master at the forest root.

If possible, you should use a hardware time source at the forest root PDC emulator, because synchronizing with an Internet time source has no authentication.

NOTE See the following tips:

AuthSync.bat script makes your Windows Server 2003 PDC emulator the authoritative time server for your domain.

How do I configure an authoritative time server in Windows 2000?

How do I make my PDC emulator an authoritative time server for my domain without it synchronizing with a reliable time source?

How do I configure the Windows 2000 time service to log when time is adjusted?

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