JSI Tip 9488. Your password is applied without confirmation when you press Skip in the Out of Box Experience component in Windows XP?

When you start Windows XP for the first time, the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) component runs to perform product activation and registration, user account creation, and the mouse tutorial. You are prompted to type an administrator password into the Administrator Password box of the Administrator Password page. If you type the password and press Skip before you retype the password into the Confirm Password box, the password you typed is applied.

If you didn't type what you intended to type, you may not be able to logon onto Windows with the Administrator account.

NOTE: If you intend to use a password, always use the Confirm Password box. If you don't want a password, clear the Administrator Password box.

If you don't know the Administrator password, See either of the following:

5808 » How do I perform an in-place upgrade (re-installation) of Windows XP?

1984 » Another Windows NT password hack.

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