JSI Tip 9472. The BIOS Real Time Clock is set back one hour after you deploy a Windows XP System Preparation image?

When you deploy a Windows XP Sysprep.exe image, the BIOS RTC (Real Time Clock) on the client computer is set back one hour.

NOTE: This behavior will NOT occur if the BIOS stores time zone or daylight saving information.

This behavior will occur if any of the following is true:

• When the System Preparation image comes up, the operating system assumes the RTC is for the time zone that it is configured to use, but it wasn't.

• The computer was off before the Daylight / Standard time boundary was reached.

• If the image was created for DST with automatic daylight savings time adjustment, and the computer first starts in standard time.

• You dual-boot and both operating systems adjust the clock.

To workaround this issue, either create a new System Preparation image, or make sure that all operating systems are using the correct time zone and time and daylight settings.

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