JSI Tip 9181. Windows Update does NOT offer Windows XP any updates if more than 22 MUI languages are installed?

When you visit the Windows Update Web site, you are NOT offered any updates, even though you know that some are available.

NOTE: Automatic Updates does NOT offer any updates either.

This behavior will occur if there are more than 22 MUI (Multilingual User Interface) pack languages installed on Windows XP.

To workaround this behavior, remove unused, and/or least used MUI languages until you have less than 23 languages installed:

1. Start / Run / intl.cpl / OK..

2. Select the Languages tab, and press the Details button.

3. On the Settings tab, under Installed services, select the languages that you want to remove, and press Remove.

NOTE: The Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Multilingual User Interface and Recognizer Pack will be automatically removed. See:

Installing Tablet PC Multilingual User Interface and Recognizer Pack

4. When you finish removing the required number of MUI languages, press OK.

5. Press OK until to close the Regional and Language Options dialog.

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