JSI Tip 9162. How can I add the Security tab to a Windows XP Home Edition file system object's Properties page?

The Security tab is available on the Properties page for files and folders on NTFS volumes. For Windows XP Home Edition, you must start in Safe mode and log on as Administrator or as an Administrative Users.

Installing the x86 (Intel) Version of the Windows NT 4.0 Server Security Configuration Manager on Windows XP Home Edition (Windows NT 5.1) will make the Security tab available while you are booted normally:

To install the SCM on Windows XP Home Edition:

1. Download the x86 (Intel) Version from the above link.

2. Double-click the SCESP4I.EXE file that you downloaded and extract it to a temporary location on your disk drive.

3. Right-click the Setup.inf file in the temporary location from step 2 and press Install.

4. After the installation finishes, shutdown and restart Windows XP Home Edition.

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