JSI Tip 9010. What ports must be open in Windows XP Service Pack 2 to enable access to Windows Services for UNIX 3.5?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 891760 contains the following introduction:

This article describes the ports that you must open in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to enable external access to services that are provided by Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5. By default, the Windows Firewall program is turned on in Windows XP SP2. Therefore, after you install Windows Services for UNIX 3.5, you must open specific ports in the Windows Firewall to enable external access to the Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 services. This article discusses the ports that you must open for the following services or features:

. The NFS server service
. The NIS server
. The Mapping server feature
. The Server for PCNFS
. The Telnet server
. The Password Synchronization feature
. The RSH server feature
. The Services for UNIX Administration tools
. The Interix daemons

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