JSI Tip 8856. When use Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP, you receive 'parser message value creation failed at line' 472 or 521?

In Windows XP, when you use Control Panel to run the Add or Remove Programs applet, you receive:

Service Pack 1

Parser Message: Value creation failed at line 472

Service Pack 2

Parser Message: Value creation failed at line 521

This behavior is generally the result of a theme problem.

To resolve this issue:

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Open the Display applet.

3. Select the Themes tab.

4. In the Theme drop-down box, select Windows XP.

5. Press Apply and OK.

NOTE: An alternate fix might be tip 7458 ยป Add or Remove Programs on Windows XP errors with 'Value creation failed " at line 410'?

NOTE: You can use the Energy Blue (Royale) theme.

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