JSI Tip 8810. Windows XP SP2 issues a 'Data Execution Prevention – Microsoft Windows' error?

While running a program, you receive:

Data Execution Prevention – Microsoft Windows
To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program.
Name: <Program Name>
Publisher: <Program Publisher>

Data Execution Prevention helps protect against damage from viruses or other threats. Some programs might not run correctly when it is turned on. For an updated version of this program, contact the publisher. What else should I do?

When you press Close Message, the program terminates and Windows Error Reporting offers to send an error report.

Windows XP SP2 uses DEP (Data Execution Prevention), which works alone, or with a compatible processor, to set some memory locations as non-executable, which helps prevent malicious programs from damaging your installation.

NOTE: Windows XP SP2 enables the Optin policy level, unless an unattended install specified a different policy.

Contact the <Program Publisher> for a version that works properly with DEP.

To view the DEP settings for your computer:

1. Start / Run / Sysdm.cpl / OK.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. Press the Settings button under Performance.

4. Select the Data Execution Prevention.

NOTE: If DEP is configured for essential Windows programs and services only, you can NOT add program exceptions.

If DEP is configured for all programs and services, you can press the Change Settings button on the error message to add an exception for you program:

1. Press Change Settings.

2. Check the box next to your program.

3. Press Apply.

4. At the prompt to restart your computer, press OK and OK.

5. Shutdown and restart your computer.

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