JSI Tip 8801. You do NOT receive a 'Recall in progress' notification when you open a file that is out on tape after installing Service Pack 2 for Windows XP?

When you open a file from a share where Remote Storage is enabled, Windows XP SP2 does NOT present the Recall in progress notification if the file is being recalled from tape, even through the file is recalled and becomes available for your use.

This behavior is the result of the the Windows Firewall, on by default, blocking the notification.

To workaround this issue, add RsNotify.exe and TCP port 135 to your firewall exception list:

01. Start / Run / Firewall.cpl / OK.

02. Select the Exceptions tab.

03. Press Add Program.

04. Press Browse and select %SystemRoot%\System32\rsnotify.exe.

' 05. Press OK.

06. Make sure that the rsnotify.exe item in the Programs and Services list on the Exceptions tab is checked.

07. Press Add Port.

07. Type Remote Storage 135 in the Name box.

08. Type 135 in the Port number box.

09. Select the TCP radial button.

10. Press OK.

11. Make sure that the Remote Storage 135 item is checked.

12. Press OK.

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