JSI Tip 8774. What are the new Windows XP SP2 Scheduled Tasks features?

Service Pack 2 introduced two new features to Control Panel / Scheduled Tasks:

1. A program can create a hidden task and the Scheduled Tasks GUI will let you view it.

2. You can create a task that will only run if you are logged on.

To view hidden tasks:

1. Start / run / control schedtasks / OK.

2. On the Advanced menu, check View Hidden Tasks.

To schedule a task to only run when you are logged on:

1. Start / run / control schedtasks / OK.

2. Right-click a task that you have previously scheduled and press Properties.

3. Select the Task tab.

4. Check the Run only if logged box. 5. Press OK.

NOTE: Checking Run only if logged box dims the Set Password button, as the task will run in the logged on credentials of the indicated user, even if you lock you workstation.

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