JSI Tip 8731. The Microsoft Partner Pack for Windows XP.

The Microsoft Partner Pack for Windows XP page contains:

Thank you for choosing to get the Microsoft Partner Pack for Windows XP. The Partner Pack is the ultimate application package for your Windows XP PC. Install this package and you will be able to play new games and have more fun, explore the internet in new ways, keep in touch and share information with friends and family, better protect your PC and do more with tools and desktop utilities. You can either download this software package for free or get a CD (and pay just for Shipping and Handling).

This page is designed to work with cookies that determine the computer has the necessary runtime components from Microsoft. Without cookies enabled, you will have to manually make sure the components are installed by clicking the “Get Microsoft Updates for Windows” button before downloading the Partner Pack applications.

1. Check and update your computer.
Before downloading the application package you have to make sure your computer operating system has all the necessary components.

2. Download the package.
You can choose to download the full package or download individual applications of the Partner Pack.

 Play                                 Explore

Super Slyder™                       Google Deskbar™ 
Serpentine™                         Desktop Media Gallery™ 
                                    Onfolio Express 

 Share                                 Do More

PhotoSite™                          Post-it® Software Notes 
Microsoft Time Zone                 PayPal Payment Wizard
                                    Microsoft USB Flash Drive Manager 

Computer Associates

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