JSI Tip 8729. When you open a domain based group policy object, some policies are missing?

When you open a local Group Policy Object, it is normal for some policy objects which are domain centric to be absent.

When you open a domain based GPO, missing policy is normally the result of a system dynamic link library (DLL) becoming unregistered.

The following table lists the DLLs that are responsible for providing the specified policy editing capability to the MMC (Microsoft Management Console):

   DLL       Function
   gptext.dll       Administrative Templates and Scripts.   
   fde.dll       Folder Redirection.
   ieaksie.dll       Internet Explorer Maintenance.
   ipsecsnp.dll       IPSec (IP Security).
   certmgr.dll       Public Key and Software Restriction.
   rigpsnap.dll       Remote Installation Services.
   wsecedit.dll       Security.
   appmgr.dll       Software Installation.

To re-register all of these dynamic link libraries, run RRGPODLL.BAT, which contains:

@echo off
regsvr32 /S gptext.dll
regsvr32 /S fde.dll
regsvr32 /S ieaksie.dll
regsvr32 /S ipsecsnp.dll
regsvr32 /S certmgr.dll
regsvr32 /S rigpsnap.dll
regsvr32 /S wsecedit.dll
regsvr32 /S appmgr.dll

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