JSI Tip 8722. When you open an HTML or MHTML file in Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2, AutoShapes that were added by a Microsoft Office program do NOT appear?

The subject behavior occurs because of the enhanced security that is enabled by default in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

NOTE: If you open this same local file in a Microsoft Office program, or if you use Internet Explorer to open the file from a network location, the AutoShape appears correctly.

To resolve this issue:

1. Open a CMD.EXE Window.

2. Using FLML.BAT from tip 8394 ยป The Windows XP SP2 FEATURE_LOCALMACHINE_LOCKDOWN may prevent viewing pictures in Internet Explorer, script and/or ActiveX errors, type:

FLML \[any 1 character\]

and press Enter, where any 1 character is an option that will cause your computer to perform a required restart.

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