JSI Tip 8488. When you attempt to install a Bluetooth handheld device in Windows XP, the COM port does NOT appear on the Finish page?

When you try to use the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard to install a Bluetooth handheld device, the COM (COMmunications) port number does NOT appear on the Finish page. If your Bluetooth handheld device requires an incoming COM port, you cannot finish the install.

This behavior will occur if your Bluetooth handheld device does NOT advertise that it has a COM port.

To workaround this issue:

1. Turn on your Bluetooth handheld device.

2. Start / Run / bthprops.cpl / OK.

3. Select the Com Ports tab.

4. Press the Add button.

5. Select Incoming (device initiates the connection) and press OK.

6. Record the COM ports.

7. Install the software that came with your Bluetooth handheld device, including the HotSync software.

8. When prompted for a COM port, use one from step 6.

NOTE: If the above COM port does not work, choose another COM port.

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