JSI Tip 8463. When you net send <ComputerName>, you receive an error if <ComputerName> is running Windows XP SP2?

When you type net send <ComputerName> hello world, and <ComputerName> is running Windows XP SP2, you receive:

An error occurred while sending a message to <ComputerName>

This problem will occur if the <ComputerName> is Unregistered in your NetBIOS local name table.

To determine if the <ComputerName> is Unregistered, type nbtstat -n (where -n must be lowercase).

If the following entry appears, the computer is Unregistered:

Name                 Type     Status
<ComputerName>  <03> UNIQUE   Unregistered
NOTE: One possible reason is that your network adapter was Disabled and Enabled.

To resolve this problem, type:

net stop messenger
net start messenger

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