JSI Tip 8449. When you attempt to install a printer driver remotely, or via a script, on Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you receive 'Print monitor is unknown'?

The subject problem can occur if the computer that you are trying to install the printer driver on does not have a language monitor installed.

To resolve this problem:

1. Log on to the print server where the printer is installed.

2. Open Windows Explorer. Make sure that Show hidden files and folders is selected on the Tools / Folder Options / View tab.

3. Navigate to the %SystemRoot%\Inf folder.

4. Right-click the <Printer>.INF file and press Open, where <Printer> is the name of the printer.

5. Disable the line that begins with LanguageMonitor= by adding a semicolon (;) to the beginning of the line.

6. Save the <Printer>.INF and close it.

7. Exit Windows Explorer.

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