JSI Tip 8447. You cannot configure Windows Firewall settings, or Security Center settings, on Windows XP Service Pack 2 in a SBS 2003 domain?

After installing SP2 on Windows XP in a SBS 2003 network, you find that the Windows Firewall and Security Center cannot be configured.

This behavior occurs because Group Policy in SBS 2003 disabled Windows Firewall for Windows XP Professional clients.

To resolve this issue, install the Windows Small Business Server 2003 Update for Windows XP SP2, and run GPUPDATE /FORCE on the client.

NOTE: To avoid The following entry in the \[strings\] section is too long and has been truncated error when you try to manage Group Policy, install the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack on a Windows XP SP2 client and manage the domain from Windows XP SP2.

NOTE: See Recommendations for managing Group Policy administrative template (.ADM) files.

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