JSI Tip 8384. Windows XP SP2 Updated Support Tools: Ipseccmd.exe, Httpcfg.exe, Replmon.exe, Iadstools.dll, Extract.exe, Bitsadmin.exe, and Netdom.exe.

In tip 8360 ยป Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools, Microsoft mentioned that the subject support tools have been updated for Windows XP SP2.

NOTE: If you installed the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools over a previous version of the Windows XP Support Tools, the Iadstools.dll, Iadstools.doc, and Replmon.exe tools will NOT be installed, because they are version 1.0. Rerun the Windows XP SP2 Support Tools Setup program. On the Setup options page of the Windows Support Tools Setup Wizard, press Add/Remove, press Next, and follow the on-screen instructions to reinstall the Windows XP SP2 Support Tools.

The updates:

Ipseccmd.exe, which manages, and monitors IPSec policies on Windows XP, can now import and export policies, had the Active Directory service storage option removed and a persistent storage option added, a Show option generates GPO information, can dynamically toggle Oakley logging, and has improved help, using /?.

HTTPCfg.exe, the Windows Server 2003 HTTP Configuration Utility, can set, delete, and query Namespace Reservation information, SSL Server Certificate information, and IP Listen List information for the HTTP driver (HTTP.SYS).

Replmon.exe can view Active Directory replication, synchronization, and topology. It can now display more than 200 replication partners.

Iadstools.dll, a helper for ADSI, now supports more than 200 Connection Objects.

Extract.exe, which extracts files from a CAB, adds a bounds-checking option.

Bitsadmin.exe, a command-line tool that controls BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service), now provides the following options:

/TRANSFER to transfer a single file by using a single command.
/ADDFILESET to add multiple files to a job by using a single command.
/ADDFILEWITHRANGES to add a file, where only certain sections of that file must be downloaded.
/REPLACEREMOTEPREFIX to change the download location of a group of files.
/SETACLFALGS and /GETACLFLAGS to enable the copying of ACL entries.
/UTIL /SETIEPROXY and /UTIL /GETIEPROXY sets and retrieves the Internet Explorer proxy settings for the current user.
/UTIL /VERSION retrieves BITS version information.
/UTIL /REPAIRSERVICE repairs a corrupted BITS installation.
Netdom.exe, the command-line tool that manages domain computer accounts, has a /JOINDOMAIN option, a /JOINWORKGROUP option, and a /RENAME option to rename a computer on the domain.

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