JSI Tip 8371. Which Bluetooth radio drivers that are included in Windows XP SP2?

      Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes the following Bluetooth radio drivers:
   Device Name    Device PnPID
   Actiontec Integrated Bluetooth II    USB\VID_1668&PID_0441
   Actiontec USB Bluetooth Device    USB\VID_1668&PID_0448
   ALPS Integrated Bluetooth Device    USB\Vid_044e&Pid_3005
   Alps Bluetooth USB Adapter    USB\Vid_044e&Pid_3006
   Brain Boxes USB Bluetooth Adapter BL-554    USB\Vid_05d1&Pid_0003
   BCM2033 Bluetooth 2.4 GHz Single Chip Transceiver             USB\VID_0A5C&PID_200F
   NanoSira Bluetooth Reference Radio    USB\Vid_0a12&Pid_0001&Rev_0524   
   NanoSira Bluetooth Reference Radio    USB\Vid_0a12&Pid_0001&Rev_0525
   Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. Bluetooth Adapter    USB\Vid_0a12&Pid_0001&Rev_0524
   Dell TrueMobile Bluetooth Module    USB\VID_413C&PID_8000
   FIC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter    USB\Vid_05b1&Pid_1389
   GVC Bluetooth Wireless Adapter    USB\Vid_0525&Pid_a220
   Bluetooth UltraPort Module from IBM    USB\Vid_04BF&Pid_0317
   IBM Integrated Bluetooth    USB\Vid_04BF&Pid_0318
   IBM Integrated Bluetooth II    USB\Vid_1668&Pid_0441
   Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth    USB\Vid_045e&Pid_007e
   Microsoft Wireless Transceiver for Bluetooth 2.0    USB\Vid_045e&Pid_009c
   Silicon Wave Bluetooth Wireless Adapter    USB\Vid_0c10&Pid_0000&Rev_1350
   Silicon Wave Bluetooth Wireless Adapter    USB\Vid_0c10&Pid_0000
   USB Bluetooth Device    USB\Vid_044E&Pid_3002
   USB Bluetooth Device    USB\Vid_044E&Pid_3003
   Sony Bluetooth USB Adapter    USB\Vid_044E&Pid_3004
   TDK Bluetooth USB Adapter    USB\Vid_04BF&Pid_0319
   TDK Bluetooth USB Adaptor    USB\VID_04BF&PID_0320
   TOSHIBA Integrated Bluetooth    USB\Vid_0930&Pid_0502&Rev_1350
   TOSHIBA Integrated Bluetooth 2    USB\Vid_0930&Pid_0505
   BT01-EXTP    USB\VID_413C&PID_8000
   Bluetooth USB Adapter (BT-51x serial)    USB\Vid_0b7a&Pid_07d0&Rev_0126
   Bluetooth USB Adapter (BT-51x serial)    USB\Vid_0b7a&Pid_07d0&Rev_0133
   TC2000 Single Chip Bluetooth Solution    USB\Vid_0b7a&Pid_07d0&Rev_0126
   TC2000 Single Chip Bluetooth Solution    USB\Vid_0b7a&Pid_07d0&Rev_0133   

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