JSI Tip 8012. How can I see what the Windows 2000 Terminal Services Licensing service is doing, so I can troubleshoot it?

If you need to troubleshoot Terminal Services licensing:

1. Start / Run / Services.msc / OK.

2. Double-click the Terminal Services Licensing service and Stop it.

3. Select the Log On tab.

4. Check the Allow service to interact with desktop box.

5. Press Apply.

6. Copy / Paste the following to a TSDebug.reg file:


"Log Level"=dword:FFFFFFFF

7. Merge the TSDebug.reg file with your registry, or run regedit /s TSDebug.reg.

8. Select the General tab.

9. Start the Terminal Services Licensing service.

NOTE: A console window will open.

NOTE: You cannot use a Terminal Services sessions to monitor the console.

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