JSI Tip 7878. When you use the Terminal Server client in Windows XP, screen updates may be delayed?

When you use the Terminal Server client in Windows XP, and perform an action that is graphic intensive, you may experience slow performance. Editing a HTML message in Microsoft Outlook, or scrolling in a Command Prompt window may cause this behavior.

This behavior results because the Terminal Server client is using all your processor’s resources.

Either desist from performing graphic intensive actions while using the Terminal Server client, or turn off the graphics hardware acceleration:

1. In Control Panel, switch to Classic View.

2. Open the Display applet.

3. Select the Settings tab.

4. Press the Advanced button.

5. Select the Troubleshoot tab.

6. Move the Hardware acceleration slider control to the third position from the left.

7. The message under the slider will change to:

Disable all DirectDraw and Direct 3D accelerations and also all pointer and advanced drawing accelerations. Use this setting to correct severe problems with DirectX accelerated applications.

8. Press OK and OK.

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