JSI Tip 7845. When you use Sysprep to deploy a Windows XP image to a computer with the same type of hardware, some devices are NOT installed?

When you deploy the image, Device Manager shows some devices as not installed, with yellow exclamation marks, even though the device drivers exist in the oempnpdriverspath path in the Sysprep.inf file.

If you double-click the device, the Device status box (on the General tab) contains:

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

This behavior will occur if the devices were NOT installed on the imaged computer, as the Sysprep minisetup program does NOT perform a full Plug and Play re-enumeration of all devices.

To workaround this behavior, either install the devices on the computer that you will image, or Uninstall the devices in Device Manager, prior to creating a Sysprep image.

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