JSI Tip 7701. How do I change the default container that 'net user Username password /add /domain' uses?

The default container that Active Directory uses to store users is Users.

When you use the net user Username password .... .... /add /domain command to add a user, the new user is placed in the Users container by default.

To alter the default, you must raise the domain functional level to Windows Server 2003.

Once the domain has been raised to the Windows Server 2003 functional level, you can use the redirusr command to alter the default user container:

redirusr <container distinguished name>


To set the default container to OU=Headquarters,DC=CompanyName,DC=COM:

redirusr OU=Headquarters,DC=CompanyName,DC=COM

NOTE: See How do I alter the default container that 'net computer \\ComputerName /add' uses?

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