JSI Tip 7683. When you install IntelliType Pro 5.0, or IntelliPoint 5.0, on Windows XP, you have problems?

You shutdown your computer, you may receive Type32.exe is not responding, or Point32.exe is not responding.

You may experience any of the following behaviors:

  • Your scroll wheel does not function.
  • Scrolling does NOT function properly.
  • Your My Favorites settings don't function.
  • Programmable Hotkey assignments don't work.
  • Button assignments don't work.

These problems may occur if Terminal Services is not started.

To workaround these problems, start Terminal Services:

1. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services.

2. Right-click Terminal Services and press Properties.

3. Press Start on the General tab.

4. Press OK.

To fix this problem, install the software update for IntelliPoint 5.0 and IntelliType Pro 5.0.

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