JSI Tip 7651. Your computer cannot read the Windows XP ASR (Automated System Recovery) floppy disk?

When you attempt to recover by using the floppy disk created by the ASR Wizard, your computer is NOT able to read the floppy disk?

If your computer has a USB (Universal Serial Bus) floppy disk drive instead of a standard floppy disk drive, you may experience this problem, because USB devices may NOT be available until Windows XP starts.

NOTE: See How do I use the Automated System Recovery (ASR) floppy and media to recover Windows XP?

NOTE: See Automated System Recovery overview in Windows XP.

NOTE: See How do I re-create a missing Automated System Recovery (ASR) floppy disk?

NOTE: See How do I create a missing ASR floppy disk from the last Automated System Recovery backup?

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