JSI Tip 7341. Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP Is Available.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 826939 contains the following summary:

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Windows XP. An update rollup is a cumulative set of hotfixes, security patches, critical updates, and updates that are packaged together for easy deployment. Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP is a single package that includes many previously released critical updates for Windows XP.

For additional information about the critical updates that are included in this update rollup, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

810565 Hyperlinks open in Internet Explorer instead of in default browser or Help and Support Center

821557 MS03-027: An unchecked buffer in the Windows shell could permit your system to be compromised

811493 MS03-013: Buffer overrun in Windows kernel message handling could lead to elevated privileges

328310 MS02-071: Flaw in Windows WM_TIMER message handling can enable privilege elevation

823980 MS03-026: Buffer overrun in RPC may allow code execution

331953 MS03-010: Flaw in RPC endpoint mapper could allow denial of service attacks

323255 MS02-055: Unchecked buffer in Windows Help facility may allow attacker to run code

810577 MS03-005: Unchecked buffer in Windows redirector may permit privilege elevation

815021 MS03-007: Unchecked buffer in Windows component may cause Web Server compromise

329115 MS02-050: Certificate validation flaw might permit identity spoofing

329170 MS02-070: Flaw in SMB signing may permit group policy to be modified

817606 MS03-024: Buffer overrun in Windows could lead to data corruption

814033 Cannot install driver updates from the Windows update Web site

810833 MS03-001: Unchecked buffer in the locator service might permit code to run

823559 MS03-023: Buffer overrun in the HTML converter could allow code execution

329048 MS02-054: Unchecked buffer in file decompression functions may allow attacker to run code

329441 You cannot create a network connection after you restore Windows XP

817287 Windows Update 643 error and the Catalog database

329390 MS02-072: Unchecked buffer in Windows shell might permit system compromise

329834 MS02-063: Unchecked buffer in PPTP implementation may permit denial-of-service attacks

811630 HTML Help Update to limit functionality when it is invoked with the window.showHelp() method

824146 MS03-039: A buffer overrun in RPCSS could allow an attacker to run malicious programs

Note Update Rollup 1 for Windows XP is not available for 64-bit versions of Windows XP.

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