JSI Tip 7314. How do I activate Windows XP by using the Internet?

To active Windows XP by using the Internet:

1. Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Activate Windows, or press the Windows Activation icon in the Notification area.

2. Press Yes, let's activate Windows over the Internet now.

3. Press Read the Windows Product Activation Privacy Statement.

4. Press Back.

5. Press Next.

6. If you want to register and activate at the same time:

        Press Yes, I want to register and activate Windows at the same time.
        Press Read the Windows Registration Privacy Statement, press Back and Next.

        Type your contact information, being sure to fill boxes that have an asterisk (*), and press Next.

7. If you only want activate:

        Press No, I don't want to register now; let's just activate Windows

        Press Next.

8. The wizard will connect to the activation server and process your request. When you see You have successfully activated your copy of Windows, press OK.

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