JSI Tip 7079. You receive 'Cannot open volume for direct access' when Chkdsk runs during Windows XP / Windows 2000 startup?

When you schedule the Chkdsk utility to run a startup, you receive an error similar to:

Cannot open volume for direct access.
The type of the file system is NTFS.
IFSUTIL: Can't open drive. Status returned = c0000043.
Windows has finished checking the disk.

There is currently no fix for this problem.

When a solution becomes available, Microsoft will probably release a hotfix, or provide a workaround. If a hotfix becomes available, Microsoft will include the fix in a Windows XP service pack.

NOTE: You may have success if you schedule Chkdsk to run at startup and use the /X switch, which will force a dismount.

NOTE: See http://www.executive.com/diskeeper/faqs/faqs.asp#gq0, which might resolve the problem if you are running ZoneAlarm software at the June 2004 build.

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