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JSI Tip 7003. When you demote a Windows Server 2003 domain controller, you receive 'This domain controller holds the last replica of naming context DC=MSTAPI,DC=YourDomainName,DC=COM'?

When you use Dcpromo to demote a Windows Server 2003 domain controller, you receive:

This domain controller holds the last replica of the following naming contexts:

If you used the Configure Your Server wizard to install the domain controller, it automatically creates a program partition or a non-domain naming context called DC=MSTAPI,DC=yourDomainName,DC=COM.

If the name os MSTAPI and it is not in use, you can remove it with the following command:

tapicfg remove /

If the partition was created by another program, or you created it manually, use Ntdsutil to remove it:

1. Open a CMD prompt and type ntdsutil.

2. At the Ntdsutil: prompt, type domain management.

3. At the domain management: prompt, type connections.

4. Type connect to server YourServerName.

5. After the binding message, you should see a successful connection to your server.

6. Type quit at the Server Connections prompt.

7. Type list at the domain management: prompt.

8. To remove the DC=MyNC,DC=yourDomainName,DC=COM naming context, type remove NC DC=MyNC,DC=yourDomainName,DC=COM.

9. Type q and press Enter until you are returned the the CMD prompt.

NOTE: You may have to restart your domain controller before you can demote it using Dcpromo.

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