JSI Tip 6780. Freeware application sets the short file name on Windows XP or later.

Download SetSFN.ZIP.

The ReadMe.txt contains:

Set Short File Name \[Version 1.00\]

 Sets the 8.3 SFN (Short File Name) for the specified file or folder.
 Requires Windows XP or later.

 Syntax: SetSFN.exe /F:filename \[/SFN:shortname\] \[/Y\]

 /F:    Specifies an existing file or folder to modify.
 /SFN:  Specifies the new short name.  Must be a valid 8.3 format name.
 /Y     Suppresses the 'Are you sure' prompt.

 /? or -? displays this syntax and always returns 1.
 A successful completion returns 0.

Copyright 2003 Marty List.


System Requirements:

	Windows XP; Windows Server 2003 or later.

Revision History:

	1.00 	05/13/2003
	Initial release.

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