JSI Tip 6775. How do I assign a customized default user profile on Windows XP?

When a new user logs on, they are assigned a default user profile. The default profile is located in the C:\Documents and Settings\Default User folder.

To create a customized default user profile:

01. Log on to the computer as the administrator and create a local user account.

02. Log off the administrator account and log on as the newly created account.

03. Customize the profile. Install printers, map drives, make explorer and Internet Explorer settings, etc...

04. Log off and log on as administrator.

05. Make sure that Show Hidden files and Folders option on the Folder Options / View / Advanced Settings menu is enabled.

06. Open Control Panel and double-click System.

07. Select the Advanced tab.

08. Under User Profiles, press Settings.

09. In the User Profiles dialog box, select the user profile that you created and then press Copy To.

10. In the Copy To dialog, in the Copy profile to area, press Browse.

11. Select the C:\Documents and Settings\Default User folder and press OK.

12. In the Permitted to use area , press Change.

13. Press Everyone and OK.

NOTE: If Everyone is not available, press Advanced / Find Now / Everyone / OK.

When a new user logs on, Windows XP will assign the customize default user profile.

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