JSI Tip 6701. You receive errors when you attempt to install Windows XP updates from the Windows Update site?

When you attempt to install updates, you receive a 643 error or a message that indicates Windows Update could not complete the operation.

NOTE: You may also notice that Windows Media Player has become slow to respond.

These issues can be the result of a corrupt %SystemRoot%\system32\CatRoot2\Edb.log file, which may also grow to 20 megabytes.

NOTE: CatRoot2\Edb.log is normally less than 6 Megabytes.

To resolve this problem:

1. Open a CMD.EXE prompt.

2. Type:

del /q %SystemRoot%\System32\Catroot2\Edb.log

3. Press Enter to force the catalog database to rebuild itself.

NOTE: See Windows Update 643 Error and the Catalog Database.

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