JSI Tip 6619. When you add a workstation to a domain, without pre-creating the computer account, you receive 'No user session key'?

The subject behavior may occur if the LMCompatibilityLevel registry Value Name has been set to a value of 4 or 5 on the domain controllers, and the client computer's clock differs by more than 5 minutes from the time on the domain controller.

To fix this problem, make sure that the client computer's clock is synchronized to the domain controller by adding a NET TIME command to the user login script.

The basic syntax for the NET TIME command is:

net time \[\\computername | /domain\[:domainname\] | /rtsdomain\[:domainname\]\] /SET /YES

NOTE: Your operating system may not support all of the parameters.

For Windows 2000, see the NET TIME help by using tip 2815. For Windows XP, use tip 5451. For Windows NT, use tip tip 109.

If all your clients support it, use:

net time /domain /set /yes

If the /domain switch is NOT supported, use:

net time %LogonServer% /set /yes

If you have some non-Windows NT-based clients, see tip 1786.

When I type net time /domain on a client, I receive a message similar to:

Current time at \\<TimeSource>.JSIINC.COM is 04/22/2003 14:28

NOTE: See How do I configure an authoritative time server in Windows 2000?

NOTE: See How do I make my PDC emulator an authoritative time server for my domain without it synchronizing with a reliable time source?

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