JSI Tip 6525. Freeware application makes it easy to slipstream a Windows XP Service Pack.

You can manually build a slipstream using the following tip:

You can slipstream install Windows and a service pack.

"Flexbeta Slipstreamer XP is an application that will slipstream any Windows XP or Office XP Service Pack into your installation files. It has currently been tested to work for all Windows XP and Office XP Service Packs up to SP2 (SP2 1185 for Windows XP)."

NOTE: If the download page does NOT open a in new windows, see A site has disabled your Internet Explorer Back button?

Download: Flexbeta Slipstreamer XP v1.0 :: Mirror 2

Screenshot: Flexbeta Slipstreamer XP v1.0

News source: Flexbeta

How to install:

  • "Download Flexbeta Slipstreamer XP v1.0

  • Extract the files using Winrar or your favorite compressing utility

  • Run Setup and follow the installer prompts

  • Flexbeta Slipstream Installer should now be in your programs folder. Click start>programs>Flexbeta Slipstream XP

  • Locate the Service Pack Files

  • Choose where the Windows XP files are located; if they are on a CD, the program will copy the files to a location on you hard drive in C:XPSlip

  • The Slipstreamer will integrate the Service Pack into the XP files

  • Your done, burn the files!"

NOTE: See How do I slipstream hotfixes that replace pre-existing drivers?

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