JSI Tip 6263. Windows XP Media Center Edition may not record the beginning and/or ending of a TV show?

The subject behavior will occur if the system clock in your Windows XP Media Center Edition computer is not equal to the clock that your broadcaster uses.

To synchronize the system clock when you have an 'always on' connection:

1. Control Panel / Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options / Change the Date and Time.

2. Select the Internet Time tab. If you are a member of a domain, this tab is NOT available.

3. Select the Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server check box.

4. In the Server box, press time.nist.gov.

5. Press Update Now.

To synchronize the system clock by using a dial-up Internet connection:

1. Connect to your Internet service provider (ISP).

2. Visit http://www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq/service/acts.htm.

3. Follow the download and installation instructions.

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