JSI Tip 6251. When upgrading Win98 or WinME to Windows XP, setup issues 'ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded - Error Code 7'?

During the upgrade from Win98 or WinME, Setup issues:

ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded
Error Code 7

Setup has incorrectly identified the number of processors in your computer.

To resolve the problem:

1. Flash your computer's BIOS to the most current level. See tip 3414. If this resolves the problem, exit this procedure.

2. Troubleshoot using HOW TO: Troubleshoot Windows XP Problems During Installation When You Upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows Me. If this resolves the problem, exit this procedure.

3. Perform a clean install of Windows XP:

        A. Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM in your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.

        B. If the CD-ROM auto starts, press Install Windows, or use Start / Run / <CD-ROM:>\Setup.exe / OK.

        C. Press Enter.

        D. Press New Installation.

        E. Press Next.

        F. Follow the on-screen instructions.

        G. When you see Press F6 to load SCSI/Raid Drivers, press F7 to bypass ACPI (Advanced Configuration and PowerInterface) detection.

        H. Complete the installation.

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