JSI Tip 6132. Windows XP Home Edition issues 'No Preview Available' or 'File Format Is Not Supported' when you try to view graphic files?

When you try to view a .jpeg, .bmp, or other graphics file that you downloaded from the internet, you receive a message similar to:

No preview available

File format is not supported

File is corrupted

This error is the result of using Compuserve or AOL as your ISP, and configuring their software to compress graphics, which is the default setting.

To resolve the issue:

1. Start AOL or compuserve.

2. Use the Settings or Access menu to press Preferences.

3. Select Internet Properties (WWW) or WWW.

4. On the Web Graphics tab, check Never compress graphics and press Apply.

5. Select the General tab.

6. Delete the Temporary Internet files.

7. Press OK if you are prompted to confirm the deletion.

8. Press OK.

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