JSI Tip 6011. You cannot Hotsync your Palm m500-series handheld device with Windows XP?

When you attempt to Hotsync a Palm m500-series handheld device with Windows XP, the Hotsync may NOT start, or it may only partially complete.

When you insert the Palm m500-series handheld device into the cradle, any static electricity discharge will cause the above problems.

To resolve this issue, contact Palm about a fix.

As of this writing, Palm can be contacted at:

         Palm, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
         5470 Great America Pkwy
         Santa Clara, CA USA 95052
         Support Phone: (847) 262-7256
         Main Phone: (408) 326-9000
         FAX: (408) 326-5009
         World Wide Web: http://www.palm.com/about/contacts.html

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