JSI Tip 5876. You cannot view a TIFF image using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in Windows XP?

When you use the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to view a multiple-page Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) file, only the first page is properly displayed? When you open some TIFF images, they appear faded and illegible? You can view these files in the Windows 2000 Kodak Image Viewer and if you convert these images to a different compression format by using Windows 2000 Kodak Image Viewer, you can view the files in Windows XP using the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer uses GDI+ (Graphics Device Interface), which supports many standard compression algorithms for faxes, but not all.

To workaround this feature, try disabling the PackBit encoding in the program that created the fax or covert the TIFF to a different format.

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