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JSI Tip 5833. WebCast: Using the DNSLint Utility.

"This Support WebCast talks about DNSLint, a new utility in Microsoft Windows that helps you troubleshoot DNS issues.

DNSLint has three primary functions that verify Domain Name System (DNS) records and generate an HTML report. You can access the functions by running "dnslint" with a switch. Running it with the /d switch diagnoses potential causes of lame delegation and other related DNS problems. Running it with the /ql switch verifies a user-defined set of DNS records on multiple DNS servers. Running it with the /ad switch verifies DNS records that are specifically used for Active Directory replication. This session focuses on what DNSLint does and how to use it."

NOTE: See How do I use the DNSLint utility that helps you to diagnose common DNS name resolution issues?

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