JSI Tip 5711. How much free space is required to install Service Pack 1 (SP1) on Windows XP?

To install SP1, the following space is required:

                                               Space required for
              Space required for installing    installing SP1 from the
              SP1 from a shared distribution   service pack CD-ROM or the
              folder on a network              Windows XP SP1 Web site
Service pack  145 megabytes (MB)               145 MB (for the service 
only          for the service pack             pack) + 283 MB (for the service
                                               pack files contained in the

Subtotal      145 MB                           428 MB

Working space  56 MB                            56 MB

Files that    233 MB                           233 MB
remove SP1

Total         378 MB                           661 MB
              434 MB peak during               717 MB peak during
              installation                     installation
NOTE: The Working space is a temporary requirement, used only during the install.

NOTE: The Files that remove SP1 are only used if you let the install archive the replaced files.

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